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We at Higher Cars pride ourselves on not only our Car Portfolio but equally on our Customer Sales Experience. We aim to ensure that all our clients have the knowledge to choose the best Finance package suited to their individual needs.

We are affiliated with a variety of Finance companies who are able to provide the best finance package for each individual based on their personal preferences, not only providing competitive rates but clear easy to digest information to ensure that you are fully informed. Finance packages available include:


Purchase your vehicle in the simplest format by having a Hire Purchase agreement. This method will determine a fixed monthly payment spread evenly over a pre-determined duration. Typically the terms range from 1 to 5 years with the flexibility to pay an initial deposit to suit your budget. Straight forward finance in the simplest format.


With this option the customer can determine an affordable monthly payment by offsetting the balance with a final balloon payment. Lease Purchase enables you to pay a deposit to suit your budget, and then repay the remaining balance over an agreed period. After the contract is finished, you take ownership of the vehicle. Monthly payments can be reduced by deferring a proportion of the balance by making a Final Balloon payment at the end of the agreement. Finance flexibility with affordable payments


With Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) the customer has similar options as a Lease Purchase where monthly payments are offset against a final payment, however the main difference being the final payment is optional. The future value of the car is set by the finance company at commencement of the agreement. At the end of the agreement once all monthly payments have been made the customer has the option to either clear the final payment or hand the vehicle back. Terms are applied to the mileage and the condition of the vehicle at the end of the agreement. This option is best suited to those wishing to keep the car for the full duration of the finance agreement.

Here at Higher Cars we aim to advise on the best finance method suited for each individual client giving not only flexibility to change the car mid-term but also to manage affordability in respect to monthly payments and optional balloons. Our aim is to give all our clients the confidence to re-visit Higher Cars for all their future car purchases.

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